Communists, are just equal opportunity fascists. - KGB, torture and Soviet terror: why Latvia worries about today’s Russia …


Russia aims for Arctic Air Superiority

Russia aims for Arctic Air Superiority

Tu-160 Blackjack, Mig-31 Foxhounds & Il-78 Midas aerial tanker.

Il-78 Midas tanker, Mig-31 Foxhound fighters & Tu-160 Blackjack bomber.

During the Cold War, the Arctic airspace between Siberia and North America was the transit zone over which both ICBM’s and strategic bombers would have flown to reach targets in either the Soviet Union or the United States & Canada.

Each side knew and understood the other planned to do so and though arms treaties and the…

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NATO and the coming storm

NATO and the coming storm

NATO’s most vulnerable

The Post Cold War Era ended when Russia’s ‘little green men’ began to deploy across Crimea, surrounding Ukrainian military bases and eventually forcing the Ukrainians to leave without a fight.

Only then did a long slumbering NATO begin to stir from sleep. As fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine, NATO then sat up in bed and began gathering it’s bearings. ‘Reveille’ however,…

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The bogeyman behind ISIS is Bashar al-Assad

The bogeyman behind ISIS is Bashar al-Assad

Three stories recently ran in the Washington Free Beacon (WFB) which raise eyebrows for those who have not followed actions in Syria, but instead listened to ‘cookie cut’ mainstream news media narratives.

A Sept. 17th article appeared in WFB about an American Democrat Congresswoman who is afraid that arming the Free Syrian Armywould topple Assad; followed Sept. 18th by an article on how the Assad…

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The Russo-Ukrainian War

Ukraine Axes

Much has been happening in the eastern Ukraine Oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as in Kherson Oblast which borders Crimea. Quite a lot in fact which most news media are largely ignoring, especially American news media who only acknowledge ‘troubles’ with the ceasefire. Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Phillip Breedlove however, is under no illusions about what is happening; calling it…

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Ask the Expert: How should Nato and the West react to Russia’s invasion …


10 minutes about living on the Gaza border


ASK THE EXPERT The new geopolitics of African food security


Versailles to Rhineland


This was going to be ‘Versailles to Munich’. But, I decided Austria and the Sudetenland deserve their own piece since they were the first moves beyond Germany’s legal borders. And each was handled quite differently by Hitler and everyone else involved.

That will be the next Hub when I am done with it. ;-)

Here, I try to help the…

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The Battle of Britain: How it was won

The Battle of Britain was won by the RAF in no small part, due to a number of prewar factors born of wisdom and foresight unparalleled even by the RAF’s chief enemy, the mighty Luftwaffe.

When Winston Churchill spoke of ‘so many, owing so much, to so few’, the ‘few’ is obviously the pilots of RAF Fighter Command. What’s not so obvious today is that the ‘many’ were not just the people of the…

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